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We ship fast.

This promotional products webshop is available as a service. Your shop will be deployed on it’s own environment in your own look and feel and under your full control based on the Standard version. We can deliver your own Promo shop within two weeks after your order.


Logo visualization

On the Advanced Promo shop, as an option, we can implement our logo visualization functionality which allows for showing the client logo within the selected imprint location on their product of choice. Logo and location is included with the order.


Customer service

We aim to be part of your team listening well while adding our expertise and knowledge. Not only directly with respect to the Promo platform itself but also indirectly in assisting you business wise with your online marketing, increasing your traffic.

Our exclusive powerbanks


Power to the customer.

Provide your clients with the power to brows your product catalog and get inspired by your extensive collection. They can easily find what they are looking for by applying filters on product color, size, manufacturer and price range or by utilizing the sophisticated Elastic Search function.

Your brand. Your style. We help!

We help you with your branding by creating a professional Promo webshop or marketing website. The Enterprise version allows for setting up a webshop in your exact house style or even a dedicated one for your corporate customers. The valuable time saved by this automated marketing tool you could spend on campaigns and personal customer advise.


Quality notebooks

Our notebooks give your ideas and memories the space they deserve. Fantastic ideas tend to be lost if you only rely on your memory. Record them in a notebook and your brilliant ideas will live on and develop a life of their own. Our notebooks form a source of inspiration and allow your thoughts to flow freely. We know exactly what our customers want from a reliable notebook.

Your notebook must be strong to ensure that it can survive a little rough treatment. After all, you will probably keep your notebooks for years so you can look back on earlier memories and thoughts..

A notebook must always serve its intended purpose. In any location and with any pen, the paper must always accept the ink without hesitation. Outstanding paper quality is therefore essential.

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About our company

Cloudshop Promo is a CloudsWork BV company. CloudsWork focuses on e-commerce development and transforms ambitious goals in reliable online business solutions. We listen, we create, we share, we do. Cloudshop is specialized in creating tailor-made webshops for your business based on Magento, a powerful and unrivaled eCommerce platform.

For the Promotional Products market we deliver fully operational B2B webshops as a cloud service. An example of this is the Cloudshop Promo webshop / catalog you're looking at presently. This recently fully redesigned state of the art eCommerce platform comes with content of over 10.000 promotional products that are kept up to date through automated data feeds with the suppliers.

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